of-stone.® – dthat’s a really tough stone look in a surprisingly light way. And that’s the idea: 95 % of the stone surface consist of natural, mineral materials such as e.g. particles of real marble. In our manufactory they are applied on MDF panels or other desired materials.
Inspired by the colors and material structures of nature, we develop individual surface designs - according to requirements and to the field of application.

Up-to-date design? Vintage style? Stone look?
Everything is possible. of-stone.®basic basic
is a very versatile stone surface for different
carrier materials.

Made in Germany

  • Pure stone look for architects, furniture, fair construction and shop fitting, shipbuilding
  • of-stone.®basic is certified acc. to IMO DIN.
  • Specially suitable for utilization on walls, ceilings and furniture.
  • Can be sanded, cut, milled and bored.
  • The surface is easily repairable.
  • Standard backing material: 16 mm MDF panel with an approx. 1.8 mm thick mineral surface (consisting to 95 % of natural materials).
  • Standard dimensions: 2800 x 1020 x 18 mm, max. dimension 3500 x 1250 mm, weight approx. 14.5 kg/sqm.
  • On demand, fire protection materials, metal or super-light panels can also be chosen as backing material.