of-stone.®Processing and fields of application

Thanks to the manual manufacturing process of-stone.mineral material panels are optically unique in identity and character and offer architects and designers all planning functions for fair construction, shop fitting, interior design, wall paneling in concrete look, stone look for floors, lightweight concrete for furniture in concrete look.
  • a solid surface structure ensures high resistance of of-stone.beton panels
  • the composite panels can be further equipped with solvent-free acrylic lacquers or oils depending on the field of application and use
  • of-stone. supplies products with very good processing properties
  • to be easily processed with customary woodworking machines with HM-tools, can be easily sanded, cut, milled and drilled
  • repairable surface by suitable supplementary mass from original surface material
  • the supplementary compound can also be used as a spreadable edge




Kantenverarbeitung mit of-stone.beton Ergänzungsmasse (1)
Miter the edges and glue them together.
Kantenverarbeitung mit of-stone.beton Ergänzungsmasse (2)
Secure the edge with adhesive tape, close the joint with the putty, let dry for 8-12 hours.
Kantenverarbeitung mit of-stone.beton Ergänzungsmasse (3)
Sand the edge with sanding paper grade 120.
Kantenverarbeitung mit of-stone.beton Ergänzungsmasse (4)
Seal the edge with acrylic lacquer mixed with water, 40% lacquer / 60% water.